The Finally Light Bulb Company

It used to be simple. Put the light bulb in the lamp, turn on the light, and your room is instantly bathed in that warm, instinctively appealing, glow. It made you look and feel good. Then, the government changed the rules. Where other companies focused on repurposed LED technology to make light bulbs as cheap and energy-efficient as possible, we committed our time and resources to creating the right light – one that meets government mandates, but also produces a warm, restorative and omnidirectional glow. We don’t want you to buy our Finally™ Light Bulbs because they are energy-efficient and the government made you do it. We want you to welcome their warm glow into your home because you recognize what we’ve done: created the right light.


We all adore the comforting glow of iFinally_home_07ncandescent light bulbs. But they waste energy. No doubt you’ve noticed that their energy-efficient replacements, made with LED, CFL and other technologies, come in odd shapes and emit cold, one-directional light. Finally™, the first and only light bulb to use Acandescent™ technology, is also the first light bulb to truly replicate the look, reassuring warmth and omnidirectional light of the incandescent light bulbs you love.


FinallyThe sole purpose of the Finally Light Bulb Company was to create a true replacement for the incandescent light bulb you love while also providing the energy-efficiency you need. The technology we use is not LED for CFL. We developed something new. We call it Acandescence™. It took us more than three years to perfect, but you will find that our Finally™ Light Bulbs are energy-efficient and will last a long time. Most important? They look and feel like the incandescent light you love and remember. It’s the light you’re used to. It’s the light you want. Finally™.


Your search is over. Introducing the energy-efficient light bulb with the same warm and reassuring glow of a traditional incandescent.




    • icon_1Same familiar shape and omnidirectional light, fits everywhere.
    • icon_3Rated life of 15,000 hours, or 15x longer than incandescent.*
    • icon_4Save on  your electric bill and enjoy a 10-year limited warranty.
    • icon_5Energy-efficient and recyclable.

*Based on an incandescent lamp with a rated life of 1,000 hours.