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7 Shades of Mood

Finally Light Bulbs July 6, 2018


Not only can light elicit a wide range of emotional responses, but you can use light to enhance a specific emotion or mood. Finding the right light for a particular time and place is important. If the ambiance isn’t right, your mood isn’t right, so let’s take control of your mood! And who better to guide us through the shades of mood than our friends at Disney?

Doc: Be Focused








In order to stay focused on your work, whether in the office or at home, be sure to have a bright light. Bright lighting keeps you alert and boosts concentration. Not to mention, it will keep your eyes from getting strained. When looking for a bright light bulb, check out the lumens. Lumens indicate the brightness of a light bulb. For example, a typical 60 watt equivalent light bulb is 800 lumens, while a 100 watt equivalent light bulb is 1600 lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb. A 100w light bulb should do the trick to keep you focused.

Dopey: Stay Goofy








Embrace your goofy side with some funky lights. There are some pretty cool lights out there – ones that change color, play music, connect to your phone, strobe and many more. These types of light bulbs can get you in the right mood to enjoy a movie, music or bust a move. I mean, what is a concert without a light show? Keep your mood light and fun with some funky lights.

Bashful: Be Romantic









Use light to set the mood for a romantic dinner. Soft white light bulbs, with a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, resemble the sunset by giving off red and slightly pink hues. Look for 2700 K on the lighting facts label when searching for romantic light bulbs. The warm color temperature will create the perfect light for your romantic evenings. After all, ambiance is everything!

Grumpy: Don’t Be Upset








Feeling grumpy? Perhaps it’s due to lack of light! Or at least maybe a little light can help. There are some great remedies for the moody blues including light therapy. Light therapy uses a light box to mimic natural, outdoor light. Studies have shown that natural light improves your mood, so using a light box could get you out of that grumpy funk.

Sneezy: Be Soothed







Preventing sickness can be difficult, but the right light can help soothe some symptoms. Did you know flickering light bulbs can trigger migraines and eye strain? Soothe your head and eyes by replacing bright, flickering light bulbs with a soft white light. Not sure what light bulbs to try? For flicker-free, soft white light, try Finally light bulbs.

Sleepy: Fall Asleep








Fall asleep faster by reducing blue light! Many studies have shown that blue light can negatively affect your circadian rhythm, which will make it harder for you to sleep. Selecting a light bulb that emits less blue light, such as a Finally® light bulb, may help you sleep better. But remember, your electronic devices are another major source of blue light. Turn them to night mode or shut them off as early as possible before you go to sleep. Get back in the rhythm and get a good night’s rest.

Happy: Stay Positive









Did you know light is good for your positivity and wellbeing? It’s a fact, exposure to sunlight will improve your mood. Maximize natural light in your home by opening the shades, using mirrors, applying light paint colors and any other measures of reflecting sunlight. If a room lacks natural light, improvise! Light bulbs with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin mimic sunlight. So grab a 5000 K light bulb and bring the sunlight inside. For more helpful tips, check out our blog Escape the Cave.

There is a light out there for every mood, so remember to use light to your advantage.