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Light sets the tone for every experience from your morning routine to Broadway openings. The funny thing about light is how much we’ve taken the standard Edison light bulb for granted. We’ve basked in its warmth for nearly a century without thought.


But incandescent light bulbs, though inexpensive, are inefficient: they waste 90% of the electricity they draw from the grid. They are a drain on our nation’s natural resources, and the federal government has rightly halted their production.

Challenged by the government to disseminate more energy-efficient light bulbs, the lighting industry rushed to market with modified incandescents, halogens, LEDs and CFLs. A walk down the lighting aisle of any home improvement store reveals an overwhelming array of incandescent-replacement products all attempting to mimic the look and warmth of traditional incandescent light without success. Current offerings baffle with odd shapes. They flicker, appear dim and off-color, or worse—they buzz.

Despite great effort on the part of lighting technology giants and many smaller players, no one has been able to develop a light bulb that both meets energy efficiency requirements and replicates the design, authenticity and warmth of the incandescent bulbs that have glowed so reliably in our lives for so long.

So we took matters into our own hands. 

You can buy our Finally™ 60 Watt and 100 Watt Replacement Acandescent Light Bulbs now! 


The Team Responsible for Bringing You the Right Light






John Goscha
Founder and CEO

Whether designing golf clubs in his garage – the precursors to the TaylorMade r7 Driver – or helping people turn plain old walls into landscapes of creativity with IdeaPaint, John likes a challenge. While he is a huge proponent of saving energy and the environment, it’s always bothered him that the most ecologically responsible consumer-level choices are also the most expensive and disappointing. In the lighting category, he saw a huge gap in the evolving solutions that are being touted by other lighting companies. The complete reliance on LED, CFL and even incandescent and halogen technology to steer us into the future seemed narrowly focused. And the resulting products are not only too expensive, they are not meeting consumer quality criteria. John knew that we have the ability develop the technology to make it easy and affordable to go green without sacrificing quality. Someone just needed to make the commitment.


He didn’t set out to change your light. He set out to keep it.

Founder and CEO 
Your search is over!  John shares the story of the Finally™ Light Bulb.