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AcandescentTM Technology


Creating the Right Technology

We brought together some of the greatest minds in lighting, including the former heads of research at General Electric and Osram Sylvania, for one purpose: to create an energy saving light bulb that truly replicates the incandescent light you love. We worked relentlessly to figure out how to develop the right lighting technology for your home – one that would deliver the same warm omnidirectional glow of an incandescent without the same energy waste.

Bucking the current trend toward solid state lighting, we stepped back in time to revisit induction, a lighting system that was developed at the same time as incandescence. Energy-efficient induction systems can be found in tunnels, warehouses, garages and other commercial applications. But induction technology needs space, too much space for a typical home lighting treatment.

Using methods we developed at our labs in Massachusetts, we successfully compressed and harnessed the best attributes of the induction process to create a new lighting technology that produces the same warm light as incandescent light bulbs while using 75% less energy.

We call it Acandescence™.

The Finally™ Light Bulb

After two years of testing, we put Acandescent technology in the Finally Light Bulb – a bulb that shares the familiar size and shape of the traditional incandescent light bulbs we all love. It is the first light bulb that truly replicates the attributes and warmth of a traditional incandescent, only it’s better because it’s energy-efficient and lasts 15 times longer.*


*When compared to an incandescent bulb with a rated life of 1,000 hours.

Dr. Walter Lapatovich
Hear from the Director of Research and Development

Origins of Acandescence™

Induction technology has been heralded as one of the best-kept secrets in energy-efficient lighting. It is a long-lived and inexpensive technology that uses a magnetic field – not a filament or an electrode – to generate light. Originally developed by Thomas Edison rival Nikola Tesla, induction lighting units are renowned for enjoying 100,000 hours of life – more than 25 years at 10 hours a day.