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Finally Light Bulbs June 25, 2018


Summer is upon us! Time seems to fly with the warm weather and bountiful sunshine. It’s hard to believe that the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Anyone hosting a party? If so, this definitely calls for a lot of hard work in preparation. Today, we are providing all of you party planners a valuable checklist to make your life easier this Fourth of July. We want you to actually enjoy your own party!

Make a Guest list

A guest list is important in order to know how much food you need to buy. RSVPs are not the easiest to come by. A week before the fourth (June 27th-next week!), shoot out a reminder that you need RSVPs. Or else they won’t get food 😉

Plan Your Menu

Food is a huge part of the holiday. Your party could range from a couple people to over 50 (good luck with those RSVPs). No matter the quantity, guests always expect food. Having your meals thought about, planned, shopped for, and prepared ahead of time will certainly alleviate stress on the day of the party.

Even with potluck dinners, you never know what your guests are going to bring. Having a backup plan is always a good idea.

Checkup On the Grill 

Fourth of July is one of the busiest grilling days of the year. If you haven’t already, give your grill its annual checkup. While making sure the grill is safe and prepared for large amounts of cooking, check to see if you have enough gas in the propane tank. Buying tanks the day before or the day of will be a stressful hunt.

Plan For Parking

Parking is a piece of the puzzle many Fourth of July party planners forget. You need to make sure there is plenty of parking for your guests. If you have limited space at your house, ask your neighbors well in advance if you may use their driveway or lawn. This is another reason why it is important to have a set guest list early (again with the RSVPs!).

Plan Activities

Every party can escalate into stress overload if the kids aren’t entertained. Prepare activities to keep the children occupied. Some fun examples are glow lights, sparklers, whiffle ball, soccer, corn hole, water toys, can jam, SMORES and many more. Not only are these fun for the kids, these also are great activities for the parents to participate in.

Be Prepared For Hot Weather

July can have some surprisingly brutal heat waves. Stock up on a lot of ice, water and sunscreen. Many guests will forget or not even think to bring their own sun screen and ice is VERY hard to come by the day before or the day of the fourth. It also is a good idea to have shady areas prepared for guests to sit.

Be Prepared For Bugs

Not only is July hot, but it’s buggy! Keep your guests happy by keeping the mosquitos away. Have plenty of bug spray handy AND be sure to keep your screens closed. Would be a shame to let those critters into your home and have a restless few nights.

Pick Out Decorations

Decorations are the most fun part of party planning and also the perfect things to purchase in advance. No need to wait last minute. We suggest purchasing your Fourth of July swag at least a week before the fourth. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase all of the utensils and serving materials early as well.

Thinking about using lights as decorations? Check out our blog on string lights to get some ideas on how to create an enchanting scene for your guests.

Have fun, be safe, and Happy Fourth!

Before the Bang
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Before the Bang
Summer is upon us! Time seems to fly with the warm weather and bountiful sunshine. It’s hard to believe that the Fourth of July is right around the corner. Anyone hosting a party?
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