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Escape the Cave

Finally Light Bulbs June 11, 2018


Everyone has that room in their home that struggles to get enough light. Whether there aren’t enough windows or the sun doesn’t shine in as much as you’d like, this room feels like a cave. For all of those cavemen out there, perhaps that’s the dream. But good news for the rest of us, there is always a way to brighten up a dark room. For all of those who are looking to light up the dark, we’ve compiled 10 tips, with the help of Elle Décor and The Spruce, that will turn your cave into a glistening masterpiece.

     1. Add Mirrors


Usually, mirrors are used to make a small room feel bigger. Mirrors do help with this, but they also reflect any light that enters a room, making them a great asset for making a dark room brighter.

     2. Clean Your Windows


Buildup of dust, dirt and smog can block that sunshine. It’s amazing how simply cleaning your windows can allow sunlight to flood a room.

     3. Trim the Trees


You know what also blocks light? Trees! Trimming the branches of trees or vines outside your window can make a huge difference. No more shadows!

     4. Paint the Walls Matte


Did you know glossy walls create glare? Matte reflects light in every direction and is definitely the right choice for a dark room.

     5. Buy White Furnishing


Dark walls, whether they are brick or dark paint, make a room seem even more like a cave no matter how much light it gets. Choosing white furnishing or accents for these rooms create a nice balance and lifts it out of the darkness.

     6. Hang Light Curtains


Dark and heavy curtains are a sneaky way for a room to seem like it’s in the shadows. Picking out nice and airy curtains can easily lighten up a room.

     7. Paint the Ceiling White


Just like with the mirrors, white ceilings are used to make a small room feel bigger, or a ceiling feel taller. White ceilings can also be used to make a dark room brighter. Keep in mind, it has to be pure white. No creams, no ivory or any other versions of off-white.

     8. Use Light Lamp Shades


Lamp shades are easily forgotten when decorating, but really do make a huge difference when it comes to brightness. Dark shades block more light. So if you’re struggling for light already in a room, we’d go with neutral color shades.

     9. Place a Light-Colored Area Rug


Light area rugs are a fun way to bring a touch of brightness to a dark floor.

     10. Or Just Turn a Light On


Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution – especially when you try a Finally® light bulb in one of those lamps!

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