Frequently Asked Questions

Can Finally light bulbs be disposed of in a landfill?

Finally light bulbs are not classified as hazardous waste since they pass the U.S. Federal Government test for waste products (known as the TCLP test). However, it is important to check government requirements in your state or locality concerning current disposal requirements for mercury-added products; such information can be found at

Are Finally light bulbs approved for use in enclosed fixtures?

Our 60 watt and 75 watt replacement light bulbs are approved for use in fully enclosed fixtures. Our 100 watt replacement light bulbs should not be used in this capacity.

Can Finally light bulbs be used outdoors?

Our Finally light bulbs can be used in outdoor fixtures as long as they are shielded from direct contact with rain or snow.

Do Finally light bulbs produce heat?

Our Finally light bulbs emit the same amount as an LED, a small fraction of the heat produced by an incandescent light bulb.

Does the Finally light bulb have a delay when turned on?

Finally light bulbs turn on instantly, but take a few seconds to come to full brightness.

Are Finally light bulbs dimmable?

Not yet, but we are working on it, and they will be soon.

Are Finally light bulbs ENERGY STAR certified?

Not yet, but we are working on it, and they will be soon.

Other Questions?

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