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His Genius Keeps on Giving

Finally Light Bulbs November 21, 2017


The Finally Light Bulb Company was created from within the shadow of Nikola Tesla.  It was his imaginative mind and pursuit of new pathways to better the world that inspired the formation of Finally.  We would not be where we are today without his ingenuity and innovation, and for that we say thank you.

Thank you to Tesla, the man who moved us, as he has so many others, to think beyond the boundaries that exist and seek innovative solutions that can change the human experience for the better.  With his genius as our motivation and guide, we have worked to modernize one of Tesla’s most innovative technologies to create a light bulb without sacrifice – a light bulb that offers energy efficiency, long life and better light quality.  You should be thanking him too!

The original Tesla electrodeless light remains for us a flaming torch that impels us to reach further, always questioning the status quo in the quest for something better.   Nikola Tesla’s accomplishments inspired us to continue in his footsteps and develop products based on his work in electric illumination.

Nikola Tesla inspired vision and creative genius. His inventions are legion and include polyphase alternating current motors, rotating magnetic field concept, high voltage generators, electric lighting and even telecommunications. His demonstrations and lectures were inspired and exhilarating, prompting one of his distinguished contemporaries, Sir John Ambrose Fleming (the inventor of the electric valve or vacuum tube), to write him and suggest that Tesla ought to be elevated to the “order of the flaming sword.”  These accolades were heaped upon Tesla even before he began his high energy research and study of ball lightning in Colorado. Sadly, no such honor was ever bequeathed upon Nikola Tesla.  However, his prodigious work and forward thinking were beacons of light to scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and industrialists – including us.

From the wellspring of Nikola Tesla’s mind came forth many industries.  Some industries, like electric power transmission and high torque motors developed rapidly.  Others, like wireless communications, endured long ontology passing from Morse code, to voice, to the marvelous digital devices we all carry today.  Love your iPhone?  You might want to thank Steve Jobs, but you should be thanking Nikola Tesla.

Lighting, one of Tesla’s brainchildren, also took time to develop as the enabling technologies needed to commercialize induction lighting became available.

Finally is proud to stand with the likes of Tesla and his contemporaries and propel induction lighting into the realm of commercial feasibility.  We have embraced Tesla’s concept of a “go anywhere” lamp, not by energizing cavernous spaces with electromagnetic energy, but by miniaturizing the power supplies so they can “go anywhere” a standard Edison socket is in use.  Tesla’s ideas are alive!  Let us give due credit to the man who held not a flaming sword, but lightning bolts in his hands.

Try Finally light bulbs and you too will be thanking Tesla for inspiring our long lasting, energy efficient, better light quality light bulb.

Happy Thanksgiving!

His Genius Keeps On Giving
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His Genius Keeps On Giving
The Finally Light Bulb Company was created from within the shadow of Nikola Tesla. We would not be where we are today without his ingenuity and innovation, and for that we say thank you.
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The Finally Light Bulb Company
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