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Introducing Tesla Technology

Finally Light Bulbs October 16, 2017


He was portrayed by David Bowie in The Prestige and will be played by Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming movie The Current War (which, incidentally also stars heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison). He’s been labeled a genius and a madman and professed undying love for a white pigeon. He’s even been in an Epic Rap Battle. But more than anything else, Nikola Tesla has been the inspiration – and provided the scientific foundation – for countless products, including the Tesla electric motor cars and the Tesla Technology™ found only in our Finally Light Bulbs.

So what exactly is Tesla Technology and how does it work?

Most common lighting technologies use filaments or electrodes to bring an electric current into the interior of a light bulb. Tesla Technology starts with an insulated copper coil wrapped around a ferrite core. High frequency power from an electronic ballast is sent through the coil to produce a magnetic field which initiates and sustains a steady-state plasma. The plasma generates UV light which is converted to visible light when it hits a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb.

Induction lighting itself is not new – it’s been around for more than 100 years and is used in industrial and commercial settings like manufacturing centers, public facilities and parking garages. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, induction lights are known for their tremendous durability, hence its “set it and forget it” reputation. According to and, these advantages include:

  • Long life. There are no electrodes to fail or tungsten filaments to break.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • No flickering, strobing or noise.
  • Virtually maintenance free operation.
  • Low-temperature operation.
  • Excellent color rendering and choice of color temperature.

Nevertheless, induction lighting has been largely snubbed by the Department of Energy – despite labeling it one of the best kept secrets in energy-efficient lighting – as well as the big lighting companies as a potentially viable residential lighting solution because it is bulky, ungainly and expensive and uses outdated ballast technology. The Finally Light Bulb team decided to tackle those three issues.

Finally revolutionized and refined the induction lighting process first developed by Tesla more than a century ago. In addition to harnessing all the old advantages of induction, Tesla Technology offers myriad new advantages. Among other things,

  1. We’ve eliminated the bulkiness so Tesla Technology fits right into the traditional incandescent bulb size and shape you love so it will fit right into your home.
  2. And we mean anywhere in your home: our bulbs can be used in enclosed and recessed lighting fixtures as well as in outdoor fixtures – even in the cold – so long as they are protected from rain and snow.
  3. Tesla Technology includes new ballasts we developed ourselves in Boston.
  4. Tesla Technology is also designed within relevant limits for residential use set by the FCC, and our bulbs are tested for both conducted and radiated emissions as required by Part 18 of the FCC regulations.
  5. The light produced by Tesla Technology is warm, energy-efficient, effortlessly omnidirectional (we don’t need to worry about reflecting or strategically positioning diodes).
  6. And, best of all, it’s all priced to fit into your household budget.

We thank Nikola Tesla for pioneering the induction technology that we’ve harnessed to develop a warm, energy-efficient light that produces 66% less of that harsh blue light emitted by the average LED bulb. And once you bask in the warm glow of one of our Finally Light Bulbs, we think you will too. Start shopping here!

Introducing Tesla Technology
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Introducing Tesla Technology
Nikola Tesla has been the inspiration – and provided the scientific foundation – for countless products, including the electric motor cars and the Tesla Technology™ found only in our Finally Light Bulbs.
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The Finally Light Bulb Company
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