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Layering Isn’t Just for Cakes

Finally Light Bulbs February 18, 2018


Remember when light was used just to light up a room? To help you see in the dark? Not anymore. These days, light is also used to create an atmosphere, ambiance, even a mood. Light can make you feel relaxed or fuel productivity. It can add depth to a room by highlighting certain objects or areas.  Lighting serves a particular purpose in each room in your home, whether you know it or not, so choosing the right light is critical. But how?

First, identify the function of each room or area. Then utilize the three main type of lighting – ambient, task and accent – to optimize the lighting throughout your home. Lastly, layer your home with light by using all three types of lighting in one room. And don’t forget to focus on your light bulbs in the process!

Ambient lighting is for the overall, general function of a room. It is great for rooms where you would like a comfortable level of brightness in order to relax and destress. These rooms include the living room, dining room and bedroom where we tend to like a “natural light.” We might be biased, but we think the 60w equivalent Finally® light bulb is perfect for these rooms. With 66% less harsh blue light, you’ll unwind in no time!

Task lighting is for exactly what it sounds like, your tasks. This lighting is for spaces where you need a lot of light like the kitchen, bathroom or home office. You want a direct source of light in order to see clearly when cooking, applying make-up, reading, playing games, etc. Higher wattage light bulbs, like the 75w and 100w, are best for illuminating your tasks, allowing you to see as clear as day!

Accent lighting is used to add visual interest to a room by highlighting a particular area or item. This type of lighting can add a dramatic effect with shadows. Common pieces to accentuate are art, photos, plants and bookcases. Accent lighting needs to be 3x brighter than ambient lighting in order for the area to stand out in a room, so you definitely want to reach for the higher wattage light bulbs. You can add a little extra oomph to your accented pieces with a Finally® light bulb.  Finally light bulbs have a unique light spectrum that reveals the brilliance in whites and colors. They will make your wood furnishings and paintings pop.

Creating the best lighting in your home often involves multiple types of lighting. Using all three sources of light properly is known as layering light. Here’s how it works. First, start with ambient lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere throughout your home. Then consider where you will be doing tasks and add a little brightness. Perhaps you want ambient light in your bedroom, but want task lighting for reading at your bedside table. Lastly, pick what you want to accent in a room and really light it up. Layer some bright, accent lighting on your living room to highlight your favorite painting or photo.

And don’t forget, to truly optimize your light layering, you need the right light bulb. And (no surprise here), we think Finally® light bulbs are the best option. They truly have better light quality than LED. They make your home more inviting and your skin look healthier. Let Finally help you optimize your lighting and instantly see the difference!