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Elizabeth Hopkins, 1/4/2017

“A woman came up to me and gave me a big hug, and she said, ‘thank goodness someone’s done it,’ said Goscha.”

KJRH-NBC News on 2 at 6pm


KOTV-CBS News on 6 at 5pm


News On 6

Joseph Holloway, 12/14/2016

“Hamilton Elementary is one of only 18 schools to win a ‘Reading Corner.’ It’s described as a well-lit, comfortable space for students to read and be creative, with things like desks that double as white boards.”

Lawrence Journal-World


“The fourth-grade class won a $2,500 grant to have the reading nook built as part of the Reading Corner Redo contest, which was sponsored by the Finally Light Bulb Company and Lawrence’s Westlake Ace Hardware Store.”

WDAF, Kansas City


Residential Lighting


“The unique bulb is not LED, and has significantly less blue light compared to an LED bulb.”

Hannah Hickok, November 4, 2016

“I’m not alone in my daylight saving (and ending) dread: In a new survey of 1,100 Americans by The Finally Light Bulb Company, 49 percent of people said they don’t like losing an hour of daylight…63 percent also feel sleepier and 25 percent feel more lethargic after the clocks turn back. Double ugh.”


Sara Castellanos, September 5, 2016


Nina Ojeda, October 25, 2016

“Starting a second company that so much different than his first, John surrounded himself with some of the greatest minds in the lighting industry to help, including the former heads of research at General Electric.”

Blog Mentions

Betsy V, October 31, 2016

“I took photos with my regular LED lights and then when I replaced them with my FINALLY BULBS— huge difference. The living room lit up, but this time with warm lighting.”

This Week For Dinner

Jane Maynard, October 28, 2016

“So, do we like the bulbs? Yes we do! We put them in one of the bedrooms and in all our lamps in the living room and have been very happy with them. Knowing that incandescent lights will be gone in a few years, it’s nice to have another lighting option to choose from.”

Donna Smallin Kuper, October 28, 2016

“You’ll be amazed at the difference – [Finally bulbs] completely change the look of a room while using 75% less energy.”

Meryl Starr, October 18, 2016

“They have changed the look and feel of my home and office. Love the gentle light in my home and the bright light gives off a great energy in my office, Thank you FINALLY…”

Mom Central

Kelly Palmisano, September 23, 2016

“Acandescent lighting offers none of the stark and gray ‘laboratory’ tone that some of the other energy-efficient bulbs produce.”

Bonnie Joy Dewkett, September 17, 2016

“It’s all about making your home cozy and glowing, while saving the environment and your budget. Plus, not having to change light bulbs often is pretty awesome too.”

Parenting Healthy

Erinn Sluka, September 7, 2016

“These Acandecent bulbs have an average lifespan of 15,000 hours compared to about 2,500 of an incandescent bulb as I found. That is based on a 3 hour/day usage. These bulbs from Finally that offer so much more will cost you about $10-$18 at Staples and other retailers. The value is fantastic.”


The Toby Tobin Radio Show

Toby Tobin, December 12, 2015

Popular Technology Radio

Jason Masters and Gregg Stebben, October 17, 2015

“We all hate how long it takes for energy efficient bulbs to get to full brightness. Finally Bulbs Founder & CEO, John Goscha, tells us how they use acandescence to create energy efficient bulbs that emit a warm, even light; and they reach full luminosity in seconds!”

WBZ Radio

August 13, 2015

“Goscha is banking his success on a new technology called Acandescence, a bulb that is not LED- or CFL-based: ‘Our technology, Acandescence, is the only technology that was engineered from the ground up to replicate that warm glow.'”

WBZ Radio

May 7, 2014

“Founder and CEO, John Goscha, describes it as an Acandescent technology, ‘It’s everything you love about your incandescent, but it’s new and improved. And energy-efficient.'”


Residential Lighting

December 10, 2015

“Consuming only 26W, the 80 CRI,2700K bulb throws 1,600 lumens

Beauty News NYC

Kim Taylor, December 7, 2015

“Since few people are happy with the harsh, off-color, bluish light of LED and CFL bulbs, you can save money and enjoy warm lighting with the new Finally light bulb that harnesses Acandescence, a new technology that enables long-lasting and warm-hued light without the energy drain.”

St. Louis Magazine

P. Allen Smith, November 2014

“New to the market, the Finally Bulb ( produces a rosy luminance that is pretty close to the incandescent. Give it a try.”

This Old House

October 24, 2014

“For anyone lamenting the loss of 60-watt incandescents, this bulb has that same warm glow and familiar shape.”

House Beautiful Magazine

September 2014

“New technology makes it as efficient as an LED and as warm as an incandescent.”

enLIGHTenment Magazine

September 3, 2014

“I noticed other companies chasing LEDs and the government subsidies,” he states. “I don’t think people want to cringe when they turn on a light bulb,” he says, referencing the bluish cast that consumers associate with LED and even CFL.”

Residential Lighting

New Products (page 60), August 12, 2014

“Using AcandescenceTM, new technology that is not LED- or CFL-based, it’s made in the recognizable “A” lamp shape to reproduce the reassuring warmth and omnidirectional output of incandescent bulbs.”

LEDs Magazine

“The Finally lamp has the inherent iconic shape of the Edison lamp without question and a nice omnidirectional beam distribution.”

Maury Wright, May 8, 2014

“The Finally lamp has the inherent iconic shape of the Edison lamp without question and a nice omnidirectional beam distribution.”

Inc. Magazine

May 7, 2014

“This week Goscha publicly launched the Finally Light Bulb Company, which makes an efficient 60-watt bulb that retails for $9.99. Reebok founder Paul Fireman has already invested. It just goes to show lightning can strike twice.