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Fox25 – New bulb ‘Finally’ improves energy efficient light bulbs
Elizabeth Hopkins, January 4, 2017
“A woman came up to me and gave me a big hug, and she said, ‘thank goodness someone’s done it,’ said Goscha.”

KJRH-NBC News on 2 at 6pm – New Reading Corner
December 14, 2016

KOTV-CBS News on 6 at 5pm – New Reading Corner
December 14, 2016

News On 6 – New ‘Book Nook’ Encouraging Tulsa Students To Read
Joseph Holloway, December 14, 2016
“Hamilton Elementary is one of only 18 schools to win a ‘Reading Corner.’ It’s described as a well-lit, comfortable space for students to read and be creative, with things like desks that double as white boards.”

Lawrence Journal-World – Reading Corner Redo
December 14, 2016
“The fourth-grade class won a $2,500 grant to have the reading nook built as part of the Reading Corner Redo contest, which was sponsored by the Finally Light Bulb Company and Lawrence’s Westlake Ace Hardware Store.”

WDAF, Kansas City – Students Win New Reading Space
December 13, 2016

Residential Lighting – At Last
December 2, 2016
“The unique bulb is not LED, and has significantly less blue light compared to an LED bulb.” Lighting Up Your Home
Hannah Hickok, November 4, 2016
“I’m not alone in my daylight saving (and ending) dread: In a new survey of 1,100 Americans by The Finally Light Bulb Company, 49 percent of people said they don’t like losing an hour of daylight…63 percent also feel sleepier and 25 percent feel more lethargic after the clocks turn back. Double ugh.”

NECN – Boston Business Journal Report: Light Bulb in the Spotlight
Sara Castellanos, September 5, 2016

Inc. – How to Build an Amazing Startup Team
Nina Ojeda, October 25, 2016
“Starting a second company that so much different than his first, John surrounded himself with some of the greatest minds in the lighting industry to help, including the former heads of research at General Electric.”

Boston Business Journal – Boston-born light bulb that’s ‘not ugly’ now sells at 1,300 retailers
Sara Castellanos, September 2, 2016
“Demand is soaring for energy-efficient light bulbs that don’t emit harsh, ugly light, and Boston-based Finally Light Bulb is reaping the benefits.”

Lighting News – The Finally Light Bulb Company set to host series of “No More Ugly Bulbs” Exchanges in Kansas and Missouri
Jas, November 18, 2015
“It uses Acandescence™ – a new technology that is not LED-or CFL-based – which makes the Finally™ Bulb the first light bulb made in the recognisable light bulb shape to actually reproduce the ‘reassuring warmth and omnidirectional light’ of incandescent bulbs.”

Miami Herald – Gadgets: Shining a light on new technology
Gregg Ellman, October 28, 2015
“You still need a road map to navigate the light bulb aisles at hardware stores but now your mental light bulb should go on for the Finally section, knowing how it stands apart among the endless choices.”

The Kansas City Star – Liberty family wins bedroom makeover by Julie Blanner
Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian, October 24, 2015
“Energy-efficient LED and CFL light bulbs have weird shapes and put out cold, one-directional light. Now we have another option.” – Product Test: Acandescence light bulb
Debra D. Bass, September 6, 2015
“We don’t have a clue what Acandescence is or how this new technology works, but the glow from this energy efficient light bulb is niiiiice.”

San Jose Mercury News – New light bulbs offer alternative to LEDs and CFLs
Troy Wolverton, August 28, 2015
“We’ve created a bulb that has everything you love about incandescents, especially the warm, comfortable light quality, just without the energy waste,” said John Goscha, founder and CEO of Finally.

BetaBoston – Finally light bulbs cost a pretty penny, but cast a nice glow
Curt Woodward, August 28, 2015
“Unlike some of their curlicue cousins, Finally bulbs have the gourdlike shape of yesterday’s tungsten-filament bulbs. As advertised, Finally’s bulbs also shed a more earthy, pinkish light, which is a nice change.”

The Boston Globe – A bright (but not too bright!) idea
by Curt Woodward, August 13, 2015
“Each bulb is equipped with a copper coil that produces an electromagnetic field. That causes a mix of gases inside the bulb to produce ultraviolet light, which turns into visible light when it passes through a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb’s glass.”

BetaBoston – Efficient, familiar Finally Light Bulbs now selling on Amazon’s Quidsi sites
Curt Woodward, August 13, 2015
“If you look back at Tesla and some of the other people who tried to commercialize this technology, they always had this big box — the size of a shoebox, or the size of a brick in some cases,” Goscha said. “We’ve been able to get that down to the size of a quarter.”

Boston Business Journal – Boston startup grows by selling eco-friendly light bulbs that aren’t ugly
Sara Castellanos, August 12, 2015
“We’re excited to grow the products with our loyal customers around Boston, and we can’t wait to get the bulb into as many people’s hands as we can,” Goscha said.

Digital Trends – Finally Bulb gives the best of incandescent light without the wasted energy
Lulu Chang, June 13, 2015
“The Finally Bulb and its Acandescent technology is the product of former General Electric and Osram Sylvania heads of research, who developed a new method to mimic the warm, soft glow of incandescent light while keeping energy efficiency at the forefront.”

Boston Business Journal – 
Finally Light Bulb Co. could double headcount to 50 at new Boston HQ

Sara Castellanos, February 5, 2015
“This is an exciting time for the company and our existing as well as potential customers,” Goscha said in an email. “Our impending move marks the achievement of yet another step towards achieving our goals.”

National Geographic – 10 Energy Breakthroughs of 2014 That Could Change Your Life
Wendy Koch, December 31, 2014
“In May, Cambridge-based startup the Finally Light Bulb Company launched the Acandescent light bulb, which is 75 percent more efficient than an incandescent and will last 15 times longer but offers the same warm color.”

Boston Business Journal Finally Light Bulb’s First Product to Hit Stores This Fall as Startup Hires More Employees
Sara Castellanos, September 3, 2014
“This is an energy-efficient bulb that (people) actually love,” he said in an interview. “That’s driven our growth to date.” – The Next Great Light Bulb is Here. (You Can Stop Hoarding Incandescents)
Seth Stevenson, August 4, 2014
“When I set up two light fixtures side by side in the Slate office and asked people to compare the Finally to these LED bulbs, the Finally won every time. ‘It makes my skin look radiant.'”‘Finally,’ a Light Bulb That Exceeds Gov’t Standards, Gives Off an Incandescent Glow and Costs Less Than $10
Liz Klimas, July 25, 2014
“When Goscha, and others like him, ‘couldn’t take it anymore. … we engineered the solution.'”

Gizmodo.comThis Super-Efficient Lightbulb Uses Tesla Tech for an Incandescent Glow
Robert Sorokanich, July 24, 2014
“Does that glass dome look familiar? It should: Finally Light used the same design as an old-fashioned incandescent.”

FOX Business Network (FBN) Finally Light Bulb Company Looks to Steal the Limelight from LEDs
Gabrielle Karol, June 6, 2014
“Aside from the color produced, which is intended to replicate the glow of the incandescent bulb, the Finally Light bulb also looks like a traditional bulb in terms of shape and size.”

Bloomberg Businessweek – Finally Light Bulb Is Energy-Efficient, Pseudo-Incandescent
Patrick Clark, May 29, 2014
“The three-year-old startup uses electromagnetic induction to power energy-efficient lightbulbs that have the look and feel of traditional incandescents.”

Forbes – An Audacious New Player About To Enter The Consumer Light Bulb Market
Peter Kelly-Detwiler, May 21, 2014
“Three years into the endeavor, they have a real product. The Finally bulb is under test prior to certification with a number of government entities including the Department of Energy (performance and life), and the Federal Trade Commission (performance and life).”

Investor’s Business Daily – ‘Finally’ joins ranks of bulbs
May 13, 2014
“In the quest for long-lasting, cost-effective light bulbs, startup Finally Light Bulb is rolling out yet another bulb to compete with LEDs, compact fluorescents and others vying to replace incandescent bulbs.”

Upstart Business Journal – A lightbulb, and a startup, switch on for this entrepreneur
David Harris, May 7, 2014
“So far, Finally has filed 39 patents and has two. The company also received approval earlier this year from the Federal Communications Commission for the bulbs. FCC approval is required from all light bulb manufacturers.”

Boston Business Journal – IdeaPaint founder John Goscha unveils new light bulb
David Harris, May 6, 2014
“There are four billion incandescent light bulbs today,” said Goscha. “All those incandescents will burn out over the next year.”

The Economic Times Startup in Boston experimenting on a new bulb
Diane Cardwell, May 6, 2014
“Unhappy as a consumer with compact fluorescents and LEDs, he said, he decided to pursue making an alternative. ‘I thought, ‘I don’t really want those and there have got to be other people who don’t want those either,” he said.”

Electronics Weekly – Induction lamp competes with LED on price
May 6, 2014
“The big lighting companies are focused on producing replacement bulbs with LED and CFL technology,” said board member Dr Ihor Lys. “Both are undeniably efficient, but LEDs pose a huge affordability challenge for consumers, while CFLs have a really hard time replicating the quality of light and instant-on performance of the traditional incandescent lamps.”

BetaBoston – IdeaPaint founder out to reinvent the light bulb
Cal Borchers, May 5, 2014
“It took three years, seven PhDs, and $19 million in funding,” he said.

CNBC – Imitating Incandescents; Ideas in Lighting Get Closer to Market
Diane Cardwell, May 5, 2014
“That creates a magnetic field inside the bulb that prods mercury to produce ultraviolet light, which in turn creates visible light when it interacts with a special phosphor coating the glass.”

The Boston GlobeStartups look to make mark in the light bulb market
Diane Cardwell, May 5, 2014
“I thought, ‘I don’t really want those, and there have got to be other people who don’t want those either,'” he said.

Yahoo Finance – Here comes another new idea to replace the traditional light bulb
Katie Fehrenbacher, May 5, 2014
“The big upside of the Finally bulb is that the company says its quality of light is similar to an incandescent — a warm solid glow — but without the crazy-high LED prices.”

CNN MoneyHere comes another new idea to replace the traditional light bulb
Katie Fehrenbacher, May 5, 2014
“The big upside of the Finally bulb is that the company says its quality of light is similar to an incandescent — a warm solid glow — but without the crazy-high LED prices.”

The Seattle Times – Consumers slow to see light despite growing bulb options
Diane Cardwell, May 4, 2014
“Around that time, a friend mentioned the incandescent phaseout, of which he had been unaware. Unhappy as a consumer with compact fluorescents and LEDs, he decided to pursue making an alternative.”

The New York Times – Imitating Incandescents; New Ideas in Lighting Get Closer to Market
Diane Cardwell, May 4, 2014
“Around that time, a friend mentioned the incandescent phaseout, of which he had been unaware. Unhappy as a consumer with compact fluorescents and LEDs, he decided to pursue making an alternative.”


Blog Mentions Lighting Up Your Home
Betsy V., October 31, 2016
“I took photos with my regular LED lights and then when I replaced them with my FINALLY BULBS— huge difference. The living room lit up, but this time with warm lighting.”

This Week For Dinner Friday Show and Tell: The Best Plastic Wrap, Cool (Actually, Warm!) Lightbulbs and The Perfect Netflix Halloween
Jane Maynard, October 28, 2016
“So, do we like the bulbs? Yes we do! We put them in one of the bedrooms and in all our lamps in the living room and have been very happy with them. Knowing that incandescent lights will be gone in a few years, it’s nice to have another lighting option to choose from.” 7 Fall Cleaning Chores That Often Get Skipped (And Why You’ll Be Glad You Did Them)
Donna Smallin Kuper, October 28, 2016
“You’ll be amazed at the difference – [Finally bulbs] completely change the look of a room while using 75% less energy.” Finally
Meryl Starr, October 18, 2016
“They have changed the look and feel of my home and office. Love the gentle light in my home and the bright light gives off a great energy in my office, Thank you FINALLY…”

Mom Central A Light Bulb Moment of Innovation with Finally
Kelly Palmisano, September 23, 2016
“Acandescent lighting offers none of the stark and gray ‘laboratory’ tone that some of the other energy-efficient bulbs produce.” – It’s In the Details
Bonnie Joy Dewkett, September 17, 2016
“It’s all about making your home cozy and glowing, while saving the environment and your budget. Plus, not having to change light bulbs often is pretty awesome too.”

Parenting Healthy Finally an energy-efficient acandescent light bulb
Erinn Sluka, September 7, 2016
“These Acandecent bulbs have an average lifespan of 15,000 hours compared to about 2,500 of an incandescent bulb as I found. That is based on a 3 hour/day usage. These bulbs from Finally that offer so much more will cost you about $10-$18 at Staples and other retailers. The value is fantastic.”

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog Fun & Fab Stocking-Stuffers on a Budget! 
December 20, 2015
“If you are interested in experiencing in upgrading your lighting where you apply your makeup, then you really need to invest in Finally Acandescent light bulbs. They offer very pleasant natural lighting that is very helpful when applying makeup.”

Chic Luxuries Home for the Holidays
November 30, 2015
“Finally® Light Bulbs are the first energy-efficient bulbs that look and emit the same glow as incandescent bulbs. Features Acandescent Technology®, each bulb lasts for approximately 15,000 hours or 15x longer than incandescent bulbs.”

Michigan Saving and More – Finally Bulbs Just Makes Sense! @FinallyBulbs
Michigan Saving and More, October 24, 2015
“I love that they have all this great information on each box. It tells you the brightness in lumens. Estimated energy cost per year is also listed. It lists (below) this light uses 14.5W and replaces the 60W bulb. Now that is easy enough!”

Life With A Southern Girl – Review: Finally Light Bulb
Brandy McClure, October 22, 2015
“I am very impressed with Finally Light Bulb and the amount of light it puts off. I am now able to apply my make up better and see better in my bathroom.” – 2015 Gifts for Home Holiday Gift Guide #TwoBlogsFunGuides #HGG
Mama Smith, October 21, 2015
“The light it produces is both eco and consumer-friendly, easy on the wallet and comfortable on the eyes.” – Finally Bulb is Traditional While Energy Efficient
Joseph Tucci, September 30, 2015
“I don’t think people should have to cringe when they turn on a light switch. Unfortunately, I think customers want to save energy, want to do the right thing, and they have gone out and tried these other bulbs. I want to bring a bulb to the market that they can count on being what they expect, and doing what I say it will do,” said Goscha.

Mail4Rosey – Who Says You Can’t Reinvent the Light Bulb?
Mail4Rosey, October 15, 2015
“Today I received two bulbs from Finally Light Bulb, and in a word, they are awesome.” – Finally Brings a Warm Alternative to LEDs, CFLs, Finally
Ken Denmead, September 29, 2015
“The color is very warm; downright comfortable, in fact. There is no hum or buzz, no flicker, and just a very brief lag and warm-up period after switching it on. It does an excellent job of replicating the incandescent experience.”

The Tech Report – Finally Light Bulb’s Tesla Tech Gives LEDs a Worthy Rival
Scott Wasson, November 20, 2014
“This emphasis on the red portion of the spectrum makes the Finally bulb more appealing in certain ways. Wood tones appear deeper and more pronounced. Skin tones look healthier, too. I haven’t yet combined three of them in the fixture above our kitchen table, but I suspect food presentation will be more pleasing, as well.”

CoolestGadgets.comFinally Energy Efficient Light Bulbs — A Bright Idea!
Julie Faconi, July 16, 2014
“So, the folks over at Finally compressed the induction system, and utilizing copper wires rather than “old fashioned” filaments, they managed to get a bulb with the best attributes of the induction process and created something they call Acandescence™…” Design Secrets for a Stress Free Home
Natasha Burton, July 2014
“Use warm light to illuminate your space—light bulbs in cold colors give a white or blue hue that can feel harsh.”

Technology Tell – Get a more natural-looking light bulb with Acandescence
Krissy Rushing, May 6, 2014
“How does it stack up to LED? According to Finally, it will use 75% less energy than an incandescent, and last 15 times longer.”

Gigaom – Here comes another new idea to replace the traditional light bulb
Katie Fehrenbacher, May 5, 2014
“The big upside of the Finally bulb is that the company says its quality of light is similar to an incandescent — a warm solid glow — but without the crazy-high LED prices.”

RedOrbit – Finally, A Truly Warm Replacement To Banned Incandescent Light Bulbs
Lawrence LeBlond, May 5, 2014
“The Finally Light Bulb Company today announced the first-ever energy-efficient A-type light bulb that ‘truly replicates the familiar warm and reassuring glow of the now-banned incandescent bulbs that consumer love and miss.'”

Energy & Capital – Boston Company Wants To Popularize Old Lightbulb Tech
Tim Conneally, May 5, 2014
“That creates a magnetic field inside the bulb that prods mercury to produce ultraviolet light, which in turn creates visible light when it interacts with a special phosphor coating the glass.”

Slash Gear – Acandescent light bulbs promise LED efficiency sans the cost
Brittany Hillen, May 5, 2014
“Finally Bulbs boasts its product as the first product of its kind with the omnidirectional lighting, warmth, and design of incandescent bulbs.”

Digital Trends – New “acandescent” lights are just as efficient as LEDs, but also a bit cheaper
Drew Prindle, May 5, 2014
“But now that times have changed, laws are different (in the US), and energy efficiency is of higher importance to consumers, Finally thinks the time is right to revive the decades-old technology.”



The Toby Tobin Radio Show – The FInally Light Bulb Company
Toby Tobin, December 12, 2015

Popular Technology Radio – Mobile Devices and Laptops (Segment 9: Finally Bulbs)
Jason Masters and Gregg Stebben, October 17, 2015
“We all hate how long it takes for energy efficient bulbs to get to full brightness. Finally Bulbs Founder & CEO, John Goscha, tells us how they use acandescence to create energy efficient bulbs that emit a warm, even light; and they reach full luminosity in seconds!”

WBZ RadioInterview with John Goscha
August 13, 2015
“Goscha is banking his success on a new technology called Acandescence, a bulb that is not LED- or CFL-based: ‘Our technology, Acandescence, is the only technology that was engineered from the ground up to replicate that warm glow.'”

WBZ RadioInterview with John Goscha
May 7, 2014
“Founder and CEO, John Goscha, describes it as an Acandescent technology, ‘It’s everything you love about your incandescent, but it’s new and improved. And energy-efficient.'” 



Residential Lighting – New Products
December 10, 2015
“Consuming only 26W, the 80 CRI,2700K bulb throws 1,600 lumens.”

Beauty News NYC – When The Guests Come Calling
Kim Taylor, December 7, 2015
“Since few people are happy with the harsh, off-color, bluish light of LED and CFL bulbs, you can save money and enjoy warm lighting with the new Finally light bulb that harnesses Acandescence, a new technology that enables long-lasting and warm-hued light without the energy drain.”

St. Louis MagazineFinally—the Acandescent Light Bulb
Jeannette Cooperman, October 14, 2015
“Does the light’s color really matter? If it didn’t, romance wouldn’t happen over candlelight.”

BayouLife – Creating Warm Indoor Spaces When It’s Cold Outside
P. Allen Smith, November 2014
“New to the market, the Finally Bulb ( produces a rosy luminance that is pretty close to the incandescent. Give it a try.”

This Old House – The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2014
October 24, 2014
“For anyone lamenting the loss of 60-watt incandescents, this bulb has that same warm glow and familiar shape.”

House Beautiful Magazine Great Finds
September 2014
“New technology makes it as efficient as an LED and as warm as an incandescent.”

enLIGHTenment Magazine – Inventor Debuts New Energy-Saving Light Bulb — And No, It’s Not LED
September 3, 2014
“I noticed other companies chasing LEDs and the government subsidies,” he states. “I don’t think people want to cringe when they turn on a light bulb,” he says, referencing the bluish cast that consumers associate with LED and even CFL.”

Residential Lighting – The New Bulb
New Products (page 60), August 12, 2014
“Using AcandescenceTM, new technology that is not LED- or CFL-based, it’s made in the recognizable “A” lamp shape to reproduce the reassuring warmth and omnidirectional output of incandescent bulbs.”

LEDs Magazine – Finally Light challenges LED lighting with induction replacement lamp
Maury Wright, May 8, 2014
“The Finally lamp has the inherent iconic shape of the Edison lamp without question and a nice omnidirectional beam distribution.”

Inc. Magazine – 6 Things You Need to Know Today
May 7, 2014
“This week Goscha publicly launched the Finally Light Bulb Company, which makes an efficient 60-watt bulb that retails for $9.99. Reebok founder Paul Fireman has already invested. It just goes to show lightning can strike twice.”