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String Summer Plans Together

Finally Light Bulbs May 25, 2018


Summer is on its way! That means cookouts, picnics, pool parties, bonfires, romantic dinners, entertaining and all those other fun backyard summer activities. How are you planning on illuminating your backyard? We want to help you create magical scenes for those memorable moments with friends and family. We have put together 5 fun and easy ways to light up your backyard. Lucky you!

When lighting your backyard, always remember less is more. No one wants too many bright bulbs when creating a cozy/comforting atmosphere. Be subtle by using string lights. You can easily create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner, casual entertaining or just hanging out on your back porch. Not to mention, they are easy on your wallet. There are many different ways you can use string lighting, but we have picked our top 5 favorite uses for an enchanting scene.

Tip 1: Porch Ceiling

Drape or tightly pin string lights to your porch ceiling. You’ll get that beautiful glow you’re looking for that is bright enough for tasks, such as cooking, dining, games, etc.

Tip 2: Free Standing

You can use free standing string lights by staking poles around your fire pit and draping the lights from pole to pole. This creates a charming light for entertaining and special moments with the family.

Tip 3: Pile’em Up

Pile some string lights together in lanterns for fun and creative light. You can either hang them or place them on the ground along a pathway to light the way home.

Tip 4: Let’em Hang

Attach the ends of your string lights to your porch ceiling to create a wall of light.

Tip 5:
Tree Lights

Wrap some sting lights around tree trunks in your backyard. This makes for an enchanting scene by your patio, bonfire, picnic etc.

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